Deda Elementi unveils 2022 highlights including cool-looking aero wheels and gravel bars designed for stability and control |

2021-12-23 06:21:00 By : Ms. connie kang

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Deda has released details of new wheelsets and handlebars across its road and gravel collections for 2022 with aero gains and dropping weight key goals. Deda has also focused on providing a more comfortable and stable position with its bar range. 

The RS4DBs are Deda’s lighter and more aero carbon road wheels with 38mm deep rims and the brand has also adapted the shape and geometry of its Superzero RS road bars to help you keep in a lower position for longer.

Alloy wheels and handlebars have also been added to Deda’s Gera gravel range which focuses on delivering a more comfortable set-up for long distance bikepacking. 

Let's get stuck into the specs on the new products...

Designed to be fast and light on any course, the RS4DBs are Deda’s latest tubeless disc brake wheelset release, featuring a 38mm rim profile and a 26mm width (19mm internal), and coming in at a claimed weight of 1,340g. 

“The full carbon rim is moulded with a technology that allows the differentiated distribution of the thickness,” says Deda. “The rim is reinforced in the nipple area and has reduced thickness out of the nipple area – this brings an important weight saving on the external part to reduce the inertia of the wheel.” 

The new RS front hub features a frontal area that's reduced by 20% says Deda, compared to the SL series. 

Hub flanges at both the front and rear hub have been designed to reduce the drag. 

“The hub shell is machined with a rifling design that improves aerodynamics and amplifies the Magnus [down force] effect for more stability at high speeds,” says Deda.

The RS hubs features a 20T two-ratchet system for the freehub engagement.

“A smaller ratchet is located in the freehub body while the bigger is located inside the hub flange,” explains Deda. The hub design, according to Deda, considerably improves the wheel's smoothness for superior speed. 

The rim is built with tubeless-ready technology to be compatible with clincher and tubeless tyres. The new internal nipples are said to improve aerodynamics, while the self-locking ABS system should prevent any loosening of the nipples and spokes. 

The RS4DBs are available for Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram cassettes, and are priced at  £1,799.99.

The new Superzero RS handlebars are designed to be lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic than previously. Deda says they are more ergonomic too. Combined with the new Superzero RS stem, Deda claims it’s “the lightest aero kit on the market”.

The bars tip the scales at a claimed 215g for the 44cm version, while the stem weighs in at 140g for the 110mm length. 

Deda’s Superzero RS bars feature the new brand's RHM-EVO shape as well as a more compact drop. While the reach remains the same as that of the Superzero bars at 75mm, the RS version has a 120mm drop rather than the 130mm found on the other model. “This allows you to keep the low position much longer with an increase in comfort,” says Deda. 

The brand’s DCR (Deda internal cable routing) system allows the full integration of the cables inside the handlebar with any compatible frame. It is also compatible with semi-internal cable routing. A bigger central exit hole has been introduced to facilitate the assembly of internal cables.

The Superzero RS bars are available in four sizes, from 40mm to 46cm (measured outside to outside). 

The Superzero stem, available in five lengths from 90 to 130mm, also now comes in the exclusive RS finish. Deda explains that it is made of 2014 aluminium series using an innovative 3D forging process to get a completely flat design. Compared to the standard version, the RS stem features special titanium screws with a black PVD finish. 

The Superzero RS bars are priced at £309.99, while the matching stem is £159.99, which brings the total setup to £469.98

Superzero Gravel is Deda’s new aero handlebar for gravel racers “who do not seek compromises and are demanding even when they are on dirt roads”.

Gravel races are being included in next year’s international UCI circuit and Deda says this is the model that teams it supports will probably use.

It is wider than a standard road handlebar with drops that have a 16-degree flare to provide more control on challenging terrain. 

"The 60mm reach allows a closer position of brake levers while the 110mm compact drop is for more comfort and fast transition from lever to bar-end,” explains Deda. 

The bar features Deda's DCR system (Deda internal cable routing) which allows the full integration of the cables with any compatible frame, but you can also choose semi-internal cable routing.

At 225g (44cm), it’s a pretty light option too. The bars are available in sizes from 42cm up to 46cm, which measure from 48cm to 52cm at the ends.

Following on from Deda’s Gera carbon model comes the Gera Alloy. This handlebar is made from 6061 aluminium using “an innovative mechanical forming process that allows manufacturing a complex design”. 

“Multiple hands positions [are] at the rider's disposal to always find the best grip and position on gravel roads,” says Deda.

The handlebar features a 10° backsweep angle as well as a 5° downsweep for a more comfortable set-up for long distance bikepacking, says Deda. The 24° flare and 3° outsweep at the drops have been included to offer more stability over challenging terrain. 

You get a 55mm reach and a 100mm compact drop. With Gera Alloy you also get a 90mm wide central area to help with the installing of accessories and clip-on bar extensions. 

It’s available in four different sizes – 42, 44, 46 and 48cm – which span from 52 to 58cm at the bar end position. In terms of weight, we’re talking a heavier (compared with the Superzero Gravel) but still reasonable 310g for the 44cm size.

The Gera Alloy bars cost £123.99.

Deda has also added some alloy wheels to its Gera range, which are said to guarantee great performance and durability on gravel roads. 

The 25mm profile and 28mm wide rim are designed to provide superior stability even in challenging terrains, and with a 23mm internal width, the Gera Alloy disc wheels are said to work with tyre widths up to 57mm. 

The rear hub features a freehub body with four independently operating pawls (leaf system) that offer engagement in 5° when you start to pedal.

“An independent wider spring, under each pawl, guarantees solid engagement out of each pawl,” promises Deda.

The asymmetric rim is built with the tubeless-ready technology to be compatible with clincher and tubeless tyres, and it's available for Shimano, Sram X-DR or Campagnolo Ekar cassettes.

The Gera Alloy wheels comes in at a claimed weight of 1,690g and are priced at £534.99.

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Anna has been hooked on bikes ever since her youthful beginnings at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. As an avid road and track racer, she reached the heady heights of a ProCyclingStats profile before leaving for university. Having now completed an MA in Multimedia Journalism, she’s hoping to add some (more successful) results. Although her greatest wish is for the broader acceptance of wearing funky cycling socks over the top of leg warmers.

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