100 micron carbon steel 304ss diesel waste oil cleanable wire flange pipe basket filter

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Basket  Filter                                                                                            
1.This kind of filter is an indispensable device for pipeline series to convey medium, and it is usually installed in the side of pressure reducing valve, relief valve, level control valve or the inlet of other equipments.
2.It is used to filter out the impurities in the medium to guarantee the normal use of the valve and the equipment.
3.This kind of filter is with advanced structure, small resistance and convenient pollution discharge.
316ss Basket Strainer 8 Inch Price

316ss Basket Strainer 8 Inch Price

Structure and How T-Basket Filter Work                                             

The basket filter consists of the connecting pipe,main pipe,filter basket,flange,flange cover and fasteners.

316ss Basket Strainer 8 Inch Price

When the liquid comes into the filter basket through the main pipe,the particle impurities will be trapped in the basket.The clean fluid will through the filter basket and be discharged from the outlet.When it needs to be cleaned,open the screw plug at the bottom of the main pipe rotationally,drain out the fluid.Remove the flange cover,the basket can be put in the main pipe for reuse again.So the use and the maintenance is super convenient.

1.Applicable industry:Fine chemical industry,water treatment system,papermaking,automotive industry,petrochemical,mechanical processing,coating and so on.
2.Applicable liquid:All kind of the liquid with the micro particles.
Main filtration function:Remove the big particle,clean the fluid and protect the key equipment.
3.Type of filtration:Big particles filtration.It use the reusable filter material.It should be cleaned regularly by manual.

1. Shell material: Carbon steel or stainless steel 201/304/316
2. Filter material: stainless steel
3. Sealing material: NBR
4. DN: 25-300mm
5. Pressure: 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa
6. Filter accuracy: 10-300mesh

316ss Basket Strainer 8 Inch Price

316ss Basket Strainer 8 Inch Price

1,Working temperature:≤95ºC;  
3,Nominal diameter:DN15-DN600;  
4,Nominal pressure:PN0.6-2.5Mpa;  
5,Filtration precision:50um-8000um  
6,Material of housing:Q235B,304,304,316,316L;  
7,Material of seal:PTFE/Rubber;
8,Form of inlet/outlet:Flange/Inner wire/Outer wire/Quick installation 
9,Form of cover compression:Bolt/Quick bolt
10,Suitable viscosity(cp):1-30000
11,Form of basket:Punching mesh/Single-layer mesh/Composite mesh

Different Models for Your Choice                                                            
316ss Basket Strainer 8 Inch Price

Maintenance of T-Basket Filter                                                               
  • The key part of this kind of the filter is the filter core.The filter core consists of the filter frame and stainless steel wire mesh.The SS wire mesh belongs to the wear parts.It needs a special protection.
  • After the filter has worked for some time,it will precipitates a certain amount of the impurities in the filter core.Then the pressure will be increased and the flow speed will be reduced.So we should clean the impurities in the filter core in time.
  • When we clean the impurities,we should be careful to assure the SS wire mesh in the filter core will not be deformed or damaged.Otherwise,when you reuse the filter,the impurities of the filtered liquid will not reach to the designed requirement.And the compressors,pump or the instruments will be destroyed.
  • Once the SS wire mesh has been found to be deformed or damaged,we should replace it immediately.
Package and Shippment                                                                           
316ss Basket Strainer 8 Inch Price
Order Notice                                                                                             

Order shall be determined by the following parameters: diameter; work pressure; (3) material; (4) flange standard; dielectric; the operating pressure; to give you provide suitable products.

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